Saturday, 24 October 2015

It's all about you......

With morale at an all time low, cuts to the Policing budgets taking their toll and an imminent vote on compulsory severance it's easy to see why officers become despondent and disillusioned with being part of the service.

There are far more positives than negatives though. You just have to look a little harder for them sometimes.

****Potential Morale Boost Warning****

YOU are making a difference every single day that you turn up for work through your interaction with members of the public and dare I say it even those that you slap the bracelets on. Just two minutes of your time can leave a lifelong impression on those that you come in to contact with.

YOU are the reassurance for the elderly lady that was the victim of the dipping. You are the voice of reason and hope for the elderly gentleman tricked out of thousands of pounds by rogue traders.

YOU are a pillar of society and someone whom people from all walks of life will turn to in their hour of need.

YOU are the parent to the missing child and a safety net for those suffering abuse.

YOU are a ray of light to those in a dark place. You are the shoulder to cry on and the ear to listen.

YOU are the support and encouragement that the victim of long term domestic abuse needs to finally find the strength to leave their abusive relationship.

YOU have saved lives just by being YOU.

YOU go above and beyond. You are willing to risk your life for those you've never met.

YOU are a hero to some, a lifeline to others and a pain in the arse to those that want to commit crime.

YOU do an extraordinary job. 

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. It's that little extra that YOU provide on a daily basis.

Without YOU the service would be worse off. We need you. It's as simple as that.

Next time you have a bad day or deal with a particularly difficult job and feel like throwing the towel in just remember that without YOU we would not be able to provide such an effective and professional sevice and that we are better off with you amongst the ranks.

YOU are not the only one to feel low at times. Each and every one of your brothers and sisters in blue will have felt the same way as you at some point.YOU have the support of EACH and EVERY one of us.

YOU are a Police Officer but we are family.



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