Monday, 21 December 2015

No one asks to be a victim.....

Sitting in a hospital on constant obs for the victim of a stabbing leaves you with time to think and contemplate the finer things in life.

My first thought was that by now I really should keep a spare phone charger at work. There's nothing worse than being on constant obs when your phone dies two hours in and you're left staring at the walls.

My next thought, once I'd settled down for the inevitable 9 hour stint at the hospital, was one of sorrow and pity for the victim.

Four days before Christmas and he's lying in Intensive Care with all manner of cables protruding from him and a vast array of monitors beeping constantly in order to keep him alive. This room could almost make a NASA launch control room look inadequate.

The cynic in me, given my length of service, could assume that this was yet another drug deal gone wrong or part of a wider gang war.

I'd be wrong though.

This young man was simply enjoying a night out with his friends and family and was returning to his car at the end of a night out. He'd not got involved in any arguments and was looking forward to waking up in his own bed the following morning.

Instead he's lying on a bed in an induced coma. 

He'd been jumped by a number of people and at least one of those had a knife. Some of the group were heard, whilst pulling the man with the knife away, saying "That's not him". The response? "I don't care" as he went back and continued to attack the victim.

Quite what his family and friends are now going through I can only imagine. Four days before Christmas and at a time when families should be able to come together and enjoy each other's company they're having to hope and pray that he sees Christmas.

If he survives then there's the mental and physical scars that this young, innocent man will have to come to terms with for the rest of his life.

He didn't ask for this to happen. Maybe I'm getting soft in my old age but incidents like these should be happening far less often than they do.

Why carry a knife? Why stab someone? I don't think I will ever understand the mentality of someone that thinks it is acceptable to behave like this and to inflict such horrific wounds on anyone.

I sincerely hope that he makes a full recovery and that he is at home with his family for Christmas.

Whatever you're doing over Christmas and New Year I hope you enjoy it and please, above all else, stay safe.


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